Jankwave is an aesthetic I started on December 1st, 2018. I started jankwave to appreciate art, places, and lifestyles that are considered strange
or disturbing.


jankwave is adoration and sickly obsession with the opposite of what some consider ideal conditions. the aesthetic takes solace and comfort in
knowing that the world is gross, scary, and naturally corrupt in certain ways. yet it is not nihilistic, world hating, or complacent in societal degredation.
rather, it highlights elements of care and comfort, especially for the lower class and those in unwell conditions. aesthetic should not be locked
behind wealth, and comfort found in unconventional places should not be shamed or mocked. there is beauty in things that might not seem welcoming
at first. and there is peace in knowing change comes slowly and patiently, and accepting that although things may be bad now, they won't be bad
forever. unlike other aesthetics, which may aim to force harsh environments to be aesthetically pleasing inviting, jankwave allows unsettling things
to stay that way. it relies on ugliness, fear, and nervousness.




fog, barren trees, dead grass, mechanical things in places they shouldnt be, or otherwise
modern things in disrepair or out of place, disasters, abandoned buildings, filth, industrial smog, goo, and hellscapes.
flooded rivers, midnight forests, body horror, and strange creatures, as well as incomprehensible
monsters, kaiju, and cryptids.
abstract art, strange statues, old medieval art and messy diagrams.
sharp teeth, horns, fangs, blood and violence, both demons and angels, chains, roses, wild grasses


sharks, wolves, deep sea fish, and arthropods, yet it should be noted that real animals are rarely prominent.
animalistic attributes are usually abstracted and defamiliarized.
in jankwave, a higher emphasis is placed on cryptids, the paranormal, abominations, and other incomprehensible horrors.


although jankwave as an aesthetic is more focused on environments and creatures than fashion and individual personhood,
it does have fashion motifs. these include:
hazmat suits/gas masks, tall boots, camoflauge, trench coats, leather, and in more casual scenarios, well-worn baggy clothes.
spiked accessories, chains, bandanas and bandana headbands, coveralls, pvc clothing, and tracksuits.

it is important to note that trying to completely catalog an aesthetic or vibe is impossible and something can still be jankwave even if it doesnt perfectly fit into the motifs or concepts...


jankwave is very personal to me and very tuned to my experience on earth. but im
okay with other people enjoying it with me as long as they're respectful.

jankwave is the meshing of modern privileges (like electricity) and neglect.
whether or not this neglect is seen as something unhealthy (like mold and insects)
or beautiful (like overgrown plants) depends on the person.

jankwave is a cold aesthetic, countering dracowave's themes and motifs of heat and
fire. this manifests in snow and cold rains, as well as deep sea themes.

jankwave also is meshed heavily with slavic culture and designs. jankwave has
its home in both urban, suburban, and rural settings and is very versatile.

jankwave must never be forced on someone. someone must embrace jankwave willingly.
this includes halting change to prolong jankwave.


jankwave is for everyone but it is not a home for people who wish harm on others or
people who idolize murderers. this includes serial killer fetishists as well as those who respect cops.

if youre wondering why there's so many pictures of men and men kissing on my blog its
because im gay and jankwave is thus homoerotic in many ways.