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My name is Viktor. Duh. Here's my stats:

I'm from Illinois, USA, and I have recently moved back home after graduating from college! I only say this because my Midwestern identity
is very important to me and I feel it deeply influences my work! I have very deep emotions about where I'm from and the specific
feelings that come from growing up in such an area. I am a self taught artist who works in traditional sketching,
digital art & rendering, pixel art/spritework, and animation. I specialize in character art and design, and I've been doing art
(even pixel art!) for as long as I can remember... I'm also a self taught writer, with work in scripts, traditional writing,
and poetry. I also like to write song parodies! With all this in mind, I'm also just a crafty person in general,
and although I don't consider myself to be a pro, I also love painting, photography, fabric crafts, and making music collections. Lately,

Something I've been into for a couple years now is weirdcore and liminal spaces. I'm not big into the 'backroom lore',
as I believe the backrooms are best when they're empty and left up to the imagination. I'm also a weirdcore purist trying
to 'reinvent' the way people percieve it, with my best effort so far being my first [actual weirdcore playlist].
In fact, the number one thing I love taking pictures of is liminal spaces I find in my day to day life. I'd also love to get into
urbex and that sort of thing, but I just do not have the time or means right now x_x. In fact, I've been curating my own 'wave'
movement/aesthetic for a couple of years now, jankwave, but it seems to have never caught on...

I'm gay, and I love men. Honestly, it's one of the most important parts of my identity to me. I love being a man lover.
I also started testosterone treatment on 8/19/21.

This is my favorite character bingo:

It definitely isn't complete. I don't think there's enough digimon on here.

This is a pick-9 moodboard of the nine shows from my childhood that I feel influenced me the most:

Here's some more links to help:

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